Emanuel Loborec

Designer, student

It all started when I was a small kid toying around with Disney Magic Artist and Kid Pix. Things started to become more serious when my father showed me some tips&tricks in Corel Photo Paint. I gained more interest in such stuff with it, so I tried my hand in Photoshop.

Long story short, after a long time of trying, playing and creating something what I thought was very cool, I developed my style.

Also, I finished Gimnasium of Mathematics and Computer Science and now I study at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

I have 7 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. For the past 2 years I'm learning Autodesk 3ds Max, as doing magic in 3D has been one of my dreams for too long.

I’m passionate about video games, traveling and summer season.